Tuesday, September 19, 2017

"Modern Human Comprehension Course"; I wonder if I have what it takes to be a "modern human"...

I recently discovered a treasure trove of new information, at least for me, and that's the work of Alfred Glaser and his "Modern Humans" comprehension course series. It exists as four volumes, and they're quite the read. Actually I'm a little surprised that I can't make heads or tails of them, at least just yet. I'm read so much of this stuff that I thought I've read every variation on this sort of philosophy but from time to time it's nice to find a surprise. 

My personal time is limited, so I don't know much energy I can put towards this, but I guess I'm not in a rush either. I wonder if I can award myself the title of "Modern Human Mentor" when I read all four volumes since Mr. Glaser has passed on. 

I have all four volumes as a single PDF, as well as other books and pamphlets he's written. I may upload them to Archive.org so they can be more accessible to others who are interested. I'm not sure yet though. 

Rest easy, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

The Brain and the Brooklyn Brawler

It's always a sad time when an iconic figure from your life passes on. The Brain is an icon of the showmanship of professional wrestling. He was an amazing personality and performer, and he influenced so many people both within the ring and outside of it. Without question one of the funniest men to ever be in wrestling, and an outstanding announcer and manager. The list of wrestlers the Brain managed is crazy! It's near endless. 

I haven't watched the WWE in years, and that's largely because larger than life characters like the Brain aren't really a factor anymore. A great deal of the magic is gone for me, but when I see old videos of the Brain and the Heenan Family, I get sucked right back in again. 

Rest easy sir. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Will we ever know the long lost "Pitner Formula" ?

There's always knowledge that is lost to history. We will never know every single detail that will answer every question and that's the burden of every thinking creature in existence. We take solace in the journey that we may never reach the destination. That's just how life is at times. But sometimes you stumble onto something and you have trouble letting go of it. 

Recently, I found a bit of information on a teacher and scientist named Alphonse Pitner, who may have contributed to a few textbooks back in his day, and was a fairly influential vocational school teacher in his hometown. Pitner was also known to have developed or discover a formula that answers the question of "what is gravity?", and if he was right about his conclusion who really knows what else the real extent to what might have been changed. 

I was only able to find three articles about Mr. Pitner, and only two of them talk about his elusive formula. I wonder though whatever became of him. He seems to have dropped off the face of the planet. I may dig into some academic archives to see if I can find any other information on him. I may also try to find the textbooks he contributed to. 

October 31, 1962
Lebanon Daily News from Lebanon, Pennsylvania · Page 14
Publication: Lebanon Daily News
Location: Lebanon, PennsylvaniaIssue Date: Wednesday, October 31, 1962
Page 14 
"The day when courses in atomic energy meant endless sessions of balancing equations and drawing circles on blackboards is past for 15 students at the Camden County Vocational High School. They are now undergoing a course in nuclear technology so advanced and practical that the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) granted the school a special license, the first awarded to a technical high school, for the purchase and use of radioactive isotopes. The class meets five days a week in a classroom with a gamma ray spectrometer, radiation detectors, a sealer which computes emitted rays and a storage area for the isotopes that is shielded by lead bricks. Poses No Danger But, according to instructor Alphonse Pitner, it is "safer than most classes in chemistry." The isotopes "are as harmless as radium crystals on the face of x watch," he said. "Students handle them with no danger of contamination." Much of the students' work, he pointed out, is using isotopes in powders and liquids in expert-! ments on organic materials such as plants and fertilizer and tracing them through chemical properties. A graduate of LaSalle and Rutgers universities, Pitner, 46, is on« of th« few teachers licensed to handle radioactive isotopes. He was trained at the AEC's Oak ; Ridge Plant in nuclear science' and, last summer, completed a course which enables him to handle the most radioactive of materials. Check Fallout Count His students have become so proficient in th« handling of instruments such as the gamma ray spectrometer that the county civil defense organization asked him to make periodic measurements of the fallout count in the area. "We've been doing this for a year," Pitner said, "and found that Camden County is safe as ;far as the amount of radioactive material in the air." Since-there are 250 industries in the state, and many hospitals, .which use nuclear equipment, a student who completes the course finds it relatively easy to get a job, Pitner said." 

April 21, 1973
 A Publisher Extra Newspaper
Courier-Post from Camden, New Jersey · Page 11
Publication: Courier-Post
Location: Camden, New JerseyIssue Date: Saturday, April 21, 1973Page: 
Page 11
"The Truth Of the Matter By RON AVERY EVERY ONCE in awhile you meet a man with a "Don Quixote dream" who goes around proclaiming that he has found a' truth and nothing can shake him. ' Christopher Columbus must have been one of those guys. But he was one in a thousand who got the last laugh on the scoffers and cynics. Until I spoke with Alphonse W. Pitner of Medford Lakes, my favorite "Don Quixote" was Michael Leshner, a Levit-town, Pa. engineer. Leshner spent 20 years developing a theory and writing a book. I interviewed him after dozens of publishers had turned him down, and he had just spent $10,000 of his own to have the book published- Are you ready for Leshner's theory? Hold on to your seats. Leshner proclaims that St. Francis of Assisi was really Jewish. He contended 20 years of research proved his theory but admitted that it is based on circumstancial evidence. His strongest piece of evidence was that St. Francis' mother had a Hebrew first name. No publisher was going to stop Leshner from bringing the "truth" to the public. He spent his savings to have his historical novel on St. Francis printed. I SPOKE to him about a year after the printing and the books were still piled high in his basement. He was a bit discouraged but had not lost any faith in his theory. Alphonse W. Pitner is cut out of the same cloth as Michael Leshner. He's a science teacher at Burlington County Vocational School in Mount f Holly and father of 10 kids. For six years he has been working on a problem in physics which has eluded science for 200 years.' p'. f Pitner claims to have found an absolute value for the letter "G" (gravity) which can be used in Newton's law of gravitational force. If his number is correct, it will have great meaning in space travel, measuring heavenly bodies and other applications. It will mean that an unknown South Jersey teacher is one of the great minds of the century. Pitner doesn't say, "I think I found it" or "maybe I'm right." He says he has found "G" beyond a shadow of a doubt. . He says anyone can check his proof and see for himself how simple the whole thing is. He has sent off his theory to several scientists. I SPOKE to one of the physicists who has a. copy of.Pitner's formula. He begged me not to quote him. So I won't. He wants to talk to Pitner himself. You . might guess that he thinks Pitner's formula is off base. You can't help pulling for guys like Alphonse Pitner and Michael Leshner. You have to admire their stubborn determination and unshakeable faith. There's a slim chance that "Chris-topher Columbus" might be an obscure little guy from Levittown or Medford Lakes. "

May 29, 1973
 A Publisher Extra Newspaper
Asbury Park Press from Asbury Park, New Jersey · Page 5
Publication: Asbury Park Press
Location: Asbury Park, New JerseyIssue Date: Tuesday, May 29, 1973 
Page: Page 5
"Someday, high school physics students may refer to his equation as "the Pitner Formula." Astronauts may use his work to determine, once and for all, whether the universe is expanding or contracting. Physics books may be rewritten in the light of his discovery. But today, Alphonse Pitner is a vocational education teacher hammering on the door of the "physics establishment'1 with what he says is the first new look at the Law of Gravity since Sir Isaac Newton observed a falling apple 300 years (ago. azzzzz "It may take 10 years. I may not live to see it. But someday, they'll come back to this formula," said Mr. Pitner, a teacher of mathematics, physics, and chemistry at the Burlington County Vocational Technical High School. His formula, developed through dimensional analysis produces an absolute value of gravity, an elusive value other physicists have only been able to approach imprecisely through complicated mechanical experiments. Mr. Pitncr's value for absolute gravity is 6.67378 times 10 to the minus eighth power. , ; That may not mean much in practical terms except that the closest science has been able to get to an absolute value for the force of gravity through experimental means is accurate only within three decimal places or approximately half a per cent. "But even more important this is a formula, not just an isolated, approximate value," Mr. Pitner said enthusiastically as he leafed through a 23-page booklet printed at the school to explain his discovery. Mr. Pitner began work on the formula in 1966, sparked by an experimental discovery by Dr. H. R. Clark of the IRA Link BELFAST, Northern Ireland Wl An unexpected alliance of the Irish Republican Army's rival wings in Londonderry threatens a summer of heightened unrest in Northern Ireland's second largest city. Leaders of the IRA's leftist Official faction and its nationalist Provisional wing met during the weekend with representatives of nonviolent nationalist groups and asso- Monmouth and cean MAGAZINE On Newsstands 50 cents Subscript ions: $3.00 per year M?8?K8 ....11,1.1 ,, ... - shows that more than just miles separates the buildings of Princeton University from the halls of a Central New Jersey Vocational High School. "We face a serious problem with this sort of thing," said Dr, Dicke, to whom two copies' of the equation have been sent. "We get these things by the hundreds and I can't even find one copy of it now." "These things" are formulas and theories sent in by "amateurs" for professional study, Dr. Dicke explained. "Usually they just pile up on my desk for a couple of months until the stack is about two feet tall and then I just throw them out." if the formula had been referred to Dr. Dicke by a scientific journal, he conceded, he could review and comment on it 'in about a week." Told of Mr. Pitncr's charge that "professional snobbery" may cost the field of physics and the 'world a valuable advance, Dr. Dicke sounded surprised. "I didn't realize he was so up tight about this," he said. "I would be glad to review it if he'll send me another copy. He may not like what I have to say because it may all be just utter nonsense. but I'll write him my comments." Mr. Pitner suggested that several famous physicists may have their own reasons for not commenting on his formula. "Their method will never discover a formula for absolute gravity only a value," he said. "In tneir hearts they know this. And it makes sense. Some of the greatest minds in the world nave been using their method for hundreds of years and they have failed." Then how did a vocational education teacher apparently succeed where so many giants have failed? By searching for the value of gravity in the heart of the universe the atom. "The experts say that gravity is too weak there but the force is there, and we can find it," he said. "It makes more' sense than using sledge-hammer experiments on one tiny planet to try to find a universal constant." The dispute, then, is really whether Mr. Pitner's "intuitive leap" is valid. But academic tempests have brewed in much smaller teapots. "I think he's using mathematical tricks he has no right using," said Dr. Joseph File, a staff physicist at tne Plasma Physics Laboratory of Princeton universuys Forrestal Campus. "It looks as if this guy has taken some constants and gotten them into a form so he could use known facts and mathematics to solve for absolute gravity," Dr. File said after reviewing the formula. "This can only be done by experiment," he added firmly, echoing the traditional viewpoint Mr. Pitner is trying to shake. Mr. Pitner has authored 15 teaching texts in the fields of mathematics, " traditional physics and chemistry, and wrote the textbooks he uses in his classes at the voca-.tional school. He has studied the uses , of radioisotopes through grants from the National Science ' Inundation and Oak Ridge Institute, and was one of the first teachers in the country to establish a nuclear1 training, station in vocational technical schools. "There was no hint that I wasn't qualified before," he said. "But now that my work is challenging the work of the big names In the field. I'm called 'an amateur' who is 'playing a numbers game.' On Christmas Day of 1972 Mr. Pitner completed his work on the formula and 1 began his work on gaining acceptance , and recognition for what he feels is a scientific breakthrough. Copies of the equation booklet have been sent to schools all over the country, to engineers, to industrial physicists, and to government scientists in hopes of getting some professional confirmation. "But no one will be the first to endorse it," he said after months of waiting. "Industrial physicists all say privately; that the formula works 'but one told me I'll never get the academic..."

Spam is delicious but I'm not allowed to eat it too often.

Because of a lifetime of hedonistic eating and drinking, I've come to a point where my blood pressure is a bit out of wack. I have to be careful what I consume, so I tend to eat very plainly. 

If it were up to me though I'd eat SPAM at nearly every meal. It's my go-to guilty food option. I love to fry it up and have it on top of rice, or in a sandwich. I even have a plush doll of Spammy the SPAM Can. 

In a perfect world, all the food that tastes great would also be great for you. Sadly though, that's not the world we live in. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

"Choco Treasure" Surprise Toys!

Kinder Eggs are an iconic item for children and toy collectors. Usually it's pretty good quality chocolate, with a nice little toy within it. In the 1990's we had "Wonder Balls" which was roughly the same thing, but some kid somewhere choked on a toy and then that line was discontinued. I hear they're trying to make a comeback though, just without the toy prize inside of it (but then what's the point?).

Now though, a new challenger has entered the fight! Welcome "Choco Treasure"! For only $1.50 you can get chocolate and a toy. Is it worth it? Very sort of if you're leniant in what constitutes a "toy". These are not of the same quality as a Kinder toy at all, but they have a certain thrifty charm to them I think. Unavoidably cheap considering how inexpensive t he whole package is. I think that a Kinder Egg goes for like $3 or $4 depending where you purchase them. 

The chocolate is alright. It's inoffensive enough and could make for a nice treat. Mine came pre-shattered so I had to pick some crumbs off of the floor. The box and foil wrapping were nice and colorful so I could spot them a mile away at the checkout counter at my local 7-11. But my generic emoji figure left much to be desired. I was hoping for one of the emojis with arms, or the poop one, but I got one of the monkey's. The plastic is a bit flimsy and it's definitely hollow, but it's cute enough I guess. 

Now funny enough, our boys over at Choco Treasure managed to get the license for Moose "Shopkins", and they're not what you'd expect. I expected the little rubber ones that Moose normally produces, but instead we got three Choco Treasure designed Shopkins. At first we thought they were magnets because their backs were all flat, but no, these were meant to be the surprise toys. And what a surprise they were! I doubt any Shopkins fan would expect these. Same quality plastic as the emoji, a bit thin and cheap, but again they're cute enough to like. What's weird though is that they're all in this strange pinkish-reddish plastic. That color works for the strawberry Shopkin, and even the watering can Shopkin, but the bottle of honey Shopkin just looks.... odd. 

But going back to the original point of these is that they're meant to be an inexpensive little treat for kids. I happen to like them, and if I ever see anymore I'll probably pick them up. 

For more information on Choco Treasure, check out their website: www.chocotreasure.com

Turtle Zen

Turtles really are such weird and peaceful creatures. 

More trolls!!!... and ponies?!

I found some more of my trolls and some bootleg and original official MLP figures too. The pink and green MLP dolls you see below are apparently said to be the ugliest of the original line, and I saved these two from a MLP customizer who wanted to chop them up and re-purpose their parts for a custom MLP. I have mixed feelings about that sort of thing, but I usually think it's pretty cool. Still, I had to save these two. I pitied them. 

The other ponies you see below are bootlegs and piggy-backers of the original MLP line. I believe the white one is a "Cabbage Patch Kids" pony. 

Franken Troll is one of my all time favorite figures. I have my original on display, but I decided to buy a second one to keep on card. I love how the warning on the package gives specific instructions to keep him in a miserable condition so he can be strong and ready to fight. Reminds me of the rules for Gizmo from the "Gremlins" movie. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

When will it finally feel like Fall has arrived?

Fall is my favorite season because of the colors and how it leads into the Winter. Winter I love for the weather, but I'm not big into Christmas or New Years. I love Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course my birthday which is in November. 

As I write this, it still feels like we're in summer. The heat isn't that intense, but it's there. As soon as it starts to cool down I'll be in my favorite outfit; a hoodie and shorts and I will wear that outfit until at least December. 

Part of the fun of the Fall season is all the energy leading into Halloween. I watch weird movies all year long, but this is the time of year I try to really dig into my childhood favorite weird movies. Everyone else seems to start the season with "The Nightmare Before Christmas" but I like to start with "Ernest Scared Stupid". I don't watch it every single year, but this is definitely my Halloween Lead-in movie. 

Trantor, the troll monster who turns children into wooden fetish dolls, is one of my all time favorite movie monsters. Plus, a lot of the costumes in this movie are reused from "Killer Klowns from Outer Space", another classic. 

As soon as we have a day where the temperature at noon is somewhere in the 50's or lower, I'm going to treat myself to this movie.

New additions to the altar

So I thought I'd spruce up the ol' altar with some new figures. I've added a glow-in-the-dark Funko "Pop!" of Cthulhu, a small figure of Gozer from the from "Ghostbusters", and a fast-food premium figure of "ALF" dressed up as a genie. Hidden all the way in the back is a small figure of Roger Rabbit from the film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"

I think they fit in quite well, don't  you agree? 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

It's not easy being a single dad to a Cthulhu monster

So somewhat recently I downloaded a digital pet app where you can raise a Cthulhu of your very own. It's pretty great. My little guy is growing up so big and strong because I feed him plenty of cities and civilians. 

The games on the app are pretty simple, but they're good for playing on the commute to work and back home. It's tough to keep up with him sometimes, but I try. There are moments where he's hungry but I'm at work and I can't get to my phone at all, so he eats one of his druids instead. It's tough, but fatherhood can be a real joy. Just look at his little smile. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I happen to love Trolls

When I was a kid, Trolls were a big deal. Before Tamagachi and Beanie Babies, these are what I collected. I used to have a huge collection of them, but sadly they were either given away or lost to time.

Below is what remains of my collection. Two Battle Trolls (Frankentroll and Cyclops Troll), one Burger King Glow in the Dark "I.Q." Troll, and two Dam trolls. I have a few more here and there, just not out for display.

I really do love these dumb things. They have such personality, and a really iconic look. If you drew just a silhouette of one it would be easily identifiable. I love Trolls so much I even watched the recent CGI film "Trolls" and really enjoyed it. Hell, I even watched the Asylum version called "Trollz" and still rather enjoyed it. 

Trolls just make me happy.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

I want a pet rock

Although I currently have two turtles, two cats, and one gold fish, I really want to get a pet rock as well. Maybe a USB pet rock, but either breed would be nice to have. I wish I had a cubicle at my job where I could keep my pet rock by my side at all times. We could go on adventures, walks, and it could sleep by my side and guard my home.

Ah, what life could be with a pet rock.

Monday, September 11, 2017

I think 9/11 is finally just another day for me

I was in high school when the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center occurred. My high school was a 15 minute walk from World Trade, so I basically had the perfect view of the horrors of that day. For a long time after that I was terrified. Partially because the event left me with anxiety and PTSD like symptoms that still overshadow me to this day. That entire time in my life was an absolute blur, and if it weren't for some of the people I had around me during that time I don't think I would have made it through with my sanity in tact. 

I was born and raised in Downtown Manhattan, on the Bowery, near where CBGB's used to be. For about a month after the attacks I could smell the smolder from my neighborhood. It's really eerie to think what those smells really were. 

This year more then any other year I feel overburdened by it. I didn't lose anyone that day; no one I knew died. I know some of the firefighters and police officers from my neighborhood died that day doing their jobs, but no one I knew on a personal level. It really was the day I felt like an adult. I really had no choice but to feel like that.

But yeah, even with all that, I think this feeling of being "overburdened" is because in a way I'm fed up carrying the weight of 9/11 on my shoulders. I mean that with no disrespect to everyone who suffered and died, but, I feel like this is the year I can finally say it's just another day for me. For too many years I left myself mourn and relive the events of what happened, and over thought my actions and the actions of others, that this day was almost like a beast I had to feed in to. I kept feeding it negative thoughts and making it stronger.

All New Yorkers have a 9/11 story. But I think a lot of us have let that day really dictate how we live our lives, even now, on some subconscious level. Now that I'm in college again, and I have my job, and my other responsibilities, I don't have the urge to continuously re-watch footage, or even go through my old journal to revisit my old thoughts like I used to. I feel like I've moved on. 

9/11 was the worst day of my life, but that was so many lifetimes ago. Never forget, but don't forget to move on; right? 

AOL themed toys!?

So earlier today I decided to take a walk to a local thrift shop and I saw some real treasures. I didn't have any cash on me so I couldn't pick them up, but I might go back for them when I have some time. 

The first one is a Looney Tunes-Daffy Duck "Instant Messaging Buddy", a "Talking Internet Brilliant Toy from 2002. It looks complete! I don't really want it, per say, but how weird. An AOL exclusive Looney Tunes toy. That must be some kind of rarity. And from the early 2000's even, when AOL was already in the process of dying out. What a novelty. 

I also found a painting dated from 1995 that portrays Bart Simpson and a girl who seems to be a variation on Reverend Lovejoy's daughter who appeared in one episode. That's just a guess though, I can hardly remember. It's sort of so ugly that it's kind of beautiful again. 

I love finding strange old treasures like these. One day I will own a museum to this sort of garbage. 

Sunday, September 10, 2017


Weird Moon Energy (good name for an album)

So all day yesterday I was filled with a feeling of high, high anxiety. I was nervous and I had all this pent up energy. I felt like running but I hate running. So I basically spent all day either doing chores, running errands, and working on the details of this website. 

Late at night, a little before we went to go and watch "Annabelle Creation", I ran to 7-11 for some snacks, and I had this perfect view of the moon. It was so huge and bright. I was absolutely mesmerized. 

I'm not sure if it was the moon, the weather, but I felt even more filled with anxiety. I did end up running home from 7-11 for no reason at all. Today I woke up feeling rather worn out, but I'm  wide awake even though I didn't fall asleep until  AM. 

I really wonder what all that energy was about though.

My thoughts and reflection on "Annabelle Creation"

I really like the "Conjuring" movies, and even though the original Annabelle film was kind of a dud, this one was absolutely fantastic. A really interesting and beautifully put together piece of horror. Annabelle's origins weren't as hokey as I thought they'd be, and although we already got hints of what her true form is in "Annabelle" (2014), "Annabelle Creation" shows us exactly how she came to be and how powerful she really is. 

This film doesn't discount the original Annabelle movie either, as it connects to it in a really smart way I thought. 

There weren't a lot of cheap scares like in other horror movies either. There's a sinister and slow pace to how this movie flows with lots of lingering shots of the Annabelle doll. 

The "Conjuring Universe" has really come a long way, hasn't it? What's this like the 6th entry in this franchise? I wonder what they have planned next. I know there's an "Annabelle 2" in the works already, but with all the scary stuff they could do based on the Warren's adventures it'd be a shame to just leave it squarely on Annabelle's shoulders. 

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Just a quick update

I added a couple of links at the top of the page for two of my profiles; one for AMORC, and one for the Illuminatiam. I'm not sure if they're accessible to the public or if only members can view them, but they're they are if you're interested. 

I did some tidying up and cleaned up the altar behind where I work from. I added an Enik coin bank, as well as a Slimer lime jell-o vinyl figure. Not to mention the tiny UFO and pyramid; I think it all looks rather dandy and cool.

Ans the turtles are getting used to life in my tiny apartment. They're crawling about and exploring. The red eared slider, Mary, is quite the little climber and is always trying to go over stuff. It's really cute.