Friday, May 11, 2018

More Kaiju because I'm too lazy to make an actual post!

So I'm currently in the middle of studying for my finals for the semester. Not entirely confident in my ability to pass any of them, but I'm going to give it my all anyway.

I have plenty of stuff I want to mention and talk about in greater detail, but I'm far too tired to do that at the moment. Instead I decided to share some of the kaiju images I have found on Pinterest. Look at all these cuddly wonderful monsters!

Oh! But I should mention that the official website for The First Church of Dana Scully, Scientist is up and running with some big updates. There are plans in the works, so stay tuned for them. 

In the meantime, here are some monsters!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

The New Three Stooges, Episode 156, "Dinopoodi"

I had several VHS tapes of The New Three Stooges cartoon as a kid. The cartoon, paired with live action segments, was my first introduction to the Stooges. To this day I still prefer Curly Joe over Curly. I can't help it, nostalgia always wins you know. 

In any case, this particular episode always stuck with me. The creature in the pet shop, the titular Dinopoodi itself, is such a beautifully designed monster. This one is said to be a female Dinopoodi and isn't she beautiful. 

In fact, look at all the animals in the pet shop; there's something odd about them. The pet shop owner says it's the Dinopoodi making everything else ugly. As if it gives off some sort of ugly radiation and mutates other animals. 

The Dinopoodi is the spirit guide to my tastes in characters I think. My first viewing or experience with weird and wonderful cartoon characters that I can recall. Predating my experiences with any Nicktoon or CartoonCartoon. Maybe even predating my Saturday morning cartoon experience altogether. It's difficult to say.

Monday, April 23, 2018

MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE RAPTURE! Please donate to the Sterno GoFundMe!


"Our friend Sterno is in EXTREMELY DIRE STRAITS. He's been fighting some chronic health issues for years but they have recently QUADRUPLED. Long story short, he currently can't walk or drive, or work, due to a serious nerve/spinal problem that is awaiting diagnosis. His right leg can't be trusted at all; he suddenly loses all contact with it and falls. So, he's CRAWLING a lot. Needs a wheelchair just for starters. The other leg has sciatica very badly, which causes chronic, unending, excruciating pain. 

He is also awaiting a biopsy on a mass found in his kidney -- and he has already been fighting horrendous kidney stones for years.  The waiting for that and upcoming neurological tests is driving him crazy. 

He has been to the Emergency Room FOUR TIMES in the last couple of months, in desperation. They give him Tylenol and tell him to get more tests.

He is covered by the V.A., but they're underfunded and shoddy, and have practically banned decent painkillers, and there are still plenty of costs. Just getting to and from the hospitals is a big problem. He has family, but they're strapped too. 

On top of all this, his fiancé has been deported to Mexico and is helpless to help him. In Mexico, she is a LAWYER, but that does no good here, even if she could get back. If they get married she can return but it'll still cost a lot in legal fees -- thousands -- to undo the deportation. Sterno wants to move to Mexico but right now he basically can't... MOVE, period. (And in Mexico the V.A. coverage would be lost.) 

Get this: in the course of dealing with Immigration, he was told by a redneck immigration officer, in these exact words: "I'm not gonna let your girlfriend back into this country because frankly, I don't like Mexicans."

This is a mere SAMPLING of the kind of crap and bad luck our old pal is dealing with.

I could say this money will be spent on medical bills, or taxis to medical clinics, or lawyers, but either way it's probably going to be a drop in the bucket. He has savings, which he needs to SAVE. He has a house, which he needs to sell, but it needs lots of repairs, and he can't do them himself now. Suffice it to say: HE NEEDS MONEY!

We all need money. But we can WALK. We can DRIVE. We're not being BIOPSIED. We aren't suffering chronic, never-ending, SEVERE PAIN.

More than money, of course, he needs SLACK.

What he HAS, is FRIENDS. And now is the time for his friends to let him know we remember all the gut-blowout laughs and rockin' times he has given us. Half the funniest stuff in Church of the SubGenius, the REALLY REALLY sick and funny stuff, came from Pope Sternodox! The band DOKTORZ 4 "BOB," for Dobbs' sake! He's been a huge part of the Little Rock music and arts scene his whole life too. We can't let him just sit in his house (which is way out in the country, with no bus service) wondering if there's ANY HOPE AT ALL. THERE IS! It's US!

And if you're totally broke, call him! Send a letter! Text some good vibes his way and maybe some extra hate vibes too! Hate for the Conspiracy, that is. 'Cause the problems that plague his mind the most aren't caused by just the horrible random SERIOUS HEALTH PROBLEMS, they really are caused by what we call The Conspiracy -- the conspiracy of the Normals. He needs to be with his fiance by hook or by crook, and it's truly the Conspiracy of the Stupid, Fearful, Ignorant, Racist NORMALS that's keeping them apart. And gutting the V.A. And screwing us all. Hell, they're even screwing THEMSELVES! There must be a balance -- fight the Con by helping Sterno!

We were originally going to keep this among personal friends and not put it on Facebook, partly because we figured he didn't want to be pestered by strangers, but as he pointed out, he's not on Facebook at all! So we now encourage any kind of utter stranger to kick in. In fact, the stranger the better!

Let There Be Slack."

- Reverend Ivan Stang, Sacred Scribe of the Church of the SubGenius


It's doomsday again. David Meade, the Bible-Conspiracy-Numerologist, used his magic math to deduce that today is the day of the rapture. And you know what; I HOPE HE'S FUCKING RIGHT THIS TIME. 

I mean, he won't be, at all, but I'm tired of this world and all the idiots who pray and hope for the rapture to save them. I hope the sky opens up and swallows them all up. I hope Nibiru smashes right into them and somehow misses me! I hope the fist of WOTAN-1 absolutely fucking CRUSHES THEM. Because once the rapture doesn't occur, you know they won't learn their lessons at all, so why bother with having them around?

But beyond all of that, I hope the next doomsday is just more interesting. I don't need another fluffy Bible prediction with a soft focus on salvation; give me giant monsters! Seriously, people have to move away from David Meade and his number counting followers. There are so many wonderful kooks to look towards instead. 

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Giant Monsters, Yetis, Vacuum Tubes, and Radio Shows!

To say I have been stressed recently would be nothing short of a total understatement. But even with this stress and anxiety of everyday life boiling within me, I have to press on just like anyone else. So, like anyone else who is under the mighty heel of the Conspiracy, I drown my sorrows in my Slack-filled hobbies. 

It's been a wonderful year for my hobbies, without question, and I find myself gobbling up information and Sub-information by the spoonful. Giant monsters seem to be coming back into style again, and I couldn't be happier. I've been revisiting my old favorites, while still looking forward to what the future of the genre has in store. I still haven't seen "Rampage" but I just know I'm going to love it. I even have a toy Lizzie to keep me company until I can witness her in all her majesty on the big screen. 

Also, a personal holy grail of mine was finally obtained; I now own a copy of "Behold!!! The Protong", a book written by the mad genius Stanislov Szukalski. This book on Zermatism, a science developed and perfected by Szukalski, proves without a shadow of a doubt that yetis are not only real, but also, they have been interbreeding with humans for centuries. Now I'm not sure Szukalski's analysis of the data is 100% correct, but this book stands as a must-have for any collector or researcher, like myself. 

In other news, I've taken an interest in vacuum tubes. I have old books about radios, so I plan on studying them in earnest when I have a bit more free time. Ernest L. Norman, one of the founders of Unarius, is said to have had talked about the importance of this little device, so my curiosity has grown. 

My cat, Sebastian, was finally neutered. His cone-of-shame is off now, but when I was looking back on his pictures from after his operation, I noticed how crazy buff he is for a little cat! Check out the picture down below to see what I mean. 

And lastly, if you aren't listening to the amazing shows on Radio Mutation, like the Record Roulette Club, or the Dr. Yeti Show, then I'm not sure what to tell ya. 

Enjoy the pictures below. 

The Destructive Joy of Giant Monsters

The Forbidden Science of "Zermatism"

Gone Tubin'

Sebastian the Buff Cat

Shows You Should Be Tuning For