Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Abdrushin and The Grail Message don't really do it for me

Sometime back I was reading the works of Abdrushin but I never finished them. His books are good, but they somehow didn't resonate with me. I think maybe it stems from his concepts not being weird enough to keep my imagination going. A great deal of good and truly beautiful philosophy is involved in his three volume book series, "The Grail Message", but it's just a lot of simple philosophies. 

Normally when someone claims to be a messiah of some sort I think I've built up a line where I gauge them by how bizarre their behavior or ideas are. Abdrushin feels like someone I should be better acquainted with, but his works are far too rooted in basic esoteric philosophy and vague religious allusions. I may give "The Grail Message" another chance someday, but for now I feel like I have enough to read what with my college work and other more colorful books that I've recently purchased.

Actually, now that I think of it, Abdrushin's formation of "The Grail Message" reminds me of the "Enchiridion" by Epictetus. Very stoic but also firm philosophy with a universal spiritual feel to it. I don't know. What do you think? The entire 3-volume "Grail Message" is available online for free:


  1. Should you decide to read again "In the Light of Truth - Grail Message by Abdrushin" read the version that the author written and publish in life, the year 1931 version, that is just one book. You already have the correct link in your article... just make sure you start reading from the beginning without jumping around.

    The 3 book version was some version that human people decided to made after author physical dead... and that version is almost impossible for anyone to read... the contents are not the same as in the original.

    1. Thank you for your input, I will keep it in mind. I still haven't gone back to the Grail Message yet; currently I have the whole set on my shelf.

    2. The set of three books would probably look better on the trash.
      If you change your mind in the future I hope this time you read the original version and make your judgment based on what the author really written.
      Some people find usefull the information and use it on daily lifes, others don't.
      Best regards