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Salutations, Greetings, Saluton, Salame, Kalo, Kremnotts and Hello! 

My name is Guillermo, but I go by “Rev. Guimo” online. Thank you for visiting my humble and modest blog. Really, I appreciate it. Well if you'd like to know more about me I guess I'll start with the basics.

I'm originally from the Lower East Side of New York City, but I currently reside in Queens. I’m a blogger, college student, toy collector, and ordained minister. I currently in my final year of college, majoring in Philosophy with a minor in Religious Studies. I’m well read when it comes to philosophy, global religions and esoteric thought. I tend to focus a lot more on mystic and weird religions because I find them the most interesting. I'm a member of multiple different spiritual groups and organizations that are all over the spectrum of esoteric thought.

Although I spend a lot of my personal time studying, I’m also a big kid; I love comics and cartoons, weird sci-fi and monster movies, and collecting kitschy stuff. Usually, the stranger the item, the more I want to possess it. 

I might come across as a goof, but I take my studies pretty seriously. I hope you enjoy what you see here and stick around for more. I have other blogs which you can see listed above, as well as various links to the right. Thanks for checking out my blog!

Reverend Guimo, KHS

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